Sunday, May 13, 2012

No surprise: Scott Walker is a liar

Is this really a surprise to anyone with half a brain tied behind their back? Walker has repeated denied, i.e., lied, that reducing collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin was necessary to balance their budget. What, with all those luxuries public school teachers could afford with their whopping salaries, like a TV or a microwave. Hell, some of them probably had I-Phones, the elite bastards. But this video shows that Walker's public face on the issue was a lie all along, not that we didn't already know it. In direct response to a question by a wealthy benefactor about how to make WI a right to work State and get rid of unions Walker flat out admitted that it was a "divide and conquer" strategy that must be tied to the budget problems.

According to John Nichols the transcript of this conversation revealed that the divide and conquer strategy was to so weaken public unions so that they could not stand up with any force when it came time to go after private sector unions. By working toward making WI a right to work State this would seriously undermine private unions. Walker of course has lied, claiming he has no interest in this kind of legislation. This despite his comments, caught on camera, directly responding to a question about making the State right to work. Walker has been the bellwether for the obvious conservative agendas across the US in State legislation to further undermine unions at the behest of their wealthy donors.

If Walker goes down in the recall June 5 this will send a message loud and clear to the 1% and their cronies like Walker: We the People reject your bullshit austerity while you get richer on the backs of our suffering. And a successful recall here will no doubt add further impetus for the upcoming elections in November, when we'll see a landslide of replacing the 1% cronies with the 99% candidates who will reverse this criminal trend in US politics. A whole is riding on this recall and the fat cats know it, investing heavily in Walker's campaign, outspending the Democrats by as much as 20 to 1. But money cannot only not buy love it cannot buy democracy. So wake up and get active citizens, for democracy is literally at stake in this recall election.

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