Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jon Stewart: "If the C word and the N word had a baby."

Jon Stewart returns to The Daily Show after a two-week vacation. And he is as funny and as on point as ever. The theme is Socialism, the S word that is the baby of the N and C words. The first clip is about Roger Ailes of Faux Snooze accusing Stewart of being socialist from a decade-old personal conversation, while Stewart with usual aplomb recalls the conversation differently. They were in Ailes' orgy bar and Ailes discussed the idea of Fox News, how it will "undermine the role of an independent press, while constantly whining that any reportage that deviates from a staunch conservative narrative is biased, while, at the same time, filling the editorial vacuum that it creates by building a conservative propaganda juggernaut in the guise of a news organization." Ailes went on to note that the tagline will be: "A fanatically micro-manged fiefdom where my own far right agenda and personal sense of victimhood drive every aspect of its operation--and balanced." Funny how memory works.

The second clip notes the usual conservative hypocrisy on socialism. Why Stewart doesn't believe in State controlled industry he does believe in a socialist ethos expressed in certain public policies. He then shows clips of Romney supporting social security and Sarah Palin supporting Medicare. Then comes the hypocrisy on "Obamcare," which was touted by conservatives as "the crown jewel of socialism." Stewart points out that it is a "program where everyone will be forced to buy health insurance in a competitive marketplace from private, for-profit insurance companies." Yeah, the Marxist dream.

See the other clips from yesterday's show as well, where he interview Michelle Obama.

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