Saturday, November 22, 2014

The People's Mandate

The regressives are keen on claiming they won because the people spoke in the last election for them and their agenda. See this article on a recent poll about what the people want versus what the regressives want. As we well know, they do not match up. The question still remains on how the people could be fooled so easily to believe they were voting for representatives of their best interests when it is the exact opposite.

The people's agenda:

1.   Access to lower cost student loans--80% support.
2.   Increase spending on infrastructure--75%
3.   Raising the minimum wage--65%
4.   Emergency funding for fighting Ebola in Africa--60%
5.   Addressing climate change/reducing carbon emissions--59%
6.   Building Keystone Pipeline--54%

The regressive agenda:

1.   Authorize Keystone Pipeline.
2.   Repeal ACA ("Obamacare")
3.   Pass the "Hire More Heroes" (veterans) Act.
4.   Pass Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement with Asia.
5.   Lower corporate taxes.
6.   Thwarting Obama on Immigration Executive Action.
7.   Reign in the EPA and roll back environmental regulations.

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