Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gidley's three times

Continuing from this post,

"Gebser’s nuanced concretion of time does not represent a linear developmental endpoint like that of the modernity project, nor is it endlessly recursive in non-directional cyclical space as in Eliade’s 'myth of the eternal return' (Eliade, 1954/1989). Integral consciousness as understood by Gebser does not place mythic and modern constructions of time in opposition to each other, as both modern and traditional approaches tend to do. Alternatively, Gebser’s temporic concretion is an intensification of consciousness that enables re-integration of previous structures of consciousness—with their different time senses—honoring them all. It opens to new understanding through atemporal translucence whereby all times are present to the intensified consciousness in the same fully conscious moment" (176).

"Gebser sees integral time concretion as the point where consciousness folds back on itself and integrates the whole" (179) (my emphasis, see this thread).

"Wilber tends to swing between a primarily linear developmental model—albeit one that
includes higher stages beyond the formal, mental mode—and the spiritual Timelessness of the
non-dual. Sometimes, he brings both voices through in the same piece of writing, as indicated
above. However, it is unclear whether Wilber sees Timelessness as being synchronous with
Gebser’s origin. It appears likely that for Wilber this is an endpoint to be strived for rather than
something that can be experienced as a concretion of all the temporicities" (180).

Btw, here's Balder's blog post on triple-loop time, TSK and Torbert.

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