Sunday, December 14, 2014

Senator Warren must become President of the US

Aside from Senator Sanders, Warren is the leader of the Progressive Party. At least the most vocal and the most in the media. Which is of course what we need to get her elected. She represents the people and fights the injustice of the current oligarchic and fascist corporatocracy. And she generates more piss and vinegar in the masses than Sanders. Sanders as her running mate would be ideal.

The following speech is being hailed as a game changer that could catapult her into the Presidency. I certainly hope so. As will most other most ordinary Americans of any political stripe, since she represents them.

By the way, Obama and the corporate Dems backed this spending Bill, including the rider for bailing out Wall Street again. This will be Hilary's exact same agenda. Hence to hell with Hilary and to progress with Warren. Warren/Sanders are the only hope of We the People, and if we the people don't get off our asses and support her for President then we get what we deserve.

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