Saturday, December 13, 2014

The gravity of our configurations

Mark Schmanko started this FB IPS thread. Therein he said something that reminded me of Morton's hyperobjects. And Bryant's latest work is on onto-cartography, how the gravity of objects and hyberobjects shape our perceptions. We discussed this a lot in the IPS OOO thread and elsewhere. Mark said:

"While ultimately everything is a configuration of some sort in a multivariate process (which is a kind of contemporary Buddhist truism), there are some that are massively potent (in the case of nuclear fusion) or significant or unprecedented (in terms of the future). So, then, given the value-laden nature of our being in the world, certain configurations become, in practice, or by virtue of our intense affective attention and certain kinds of grounded consensus, way more than just
configurations; they become the very things, or beings or aspirations that our life or actions themselves orbit around."

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