Sunday, December 14, 2014

The two-party system is corrupt to the core

Robert Reich's statement below is why the US needs a more parliamentary system, where there are several parties and each get proportional representation in Congress. Robert Reich nails it on the split in the Democrat Party between the progressives and the corporate lackeys. Hence we need the Progressive Party led by Sanders and Warren as distinct from the corp-Dems (and Hilary). Here's Reich from his FB feed:

"Senator Charles Shumer on CNN this morning said “the soul of the Democratic party is the economy, and the party is united on the economy.” He’s right about the first part, but there’s no unity. Elizabeth Warren and other progressive senators are fighting for average working people. They opposed the spending bill that passed the Senate yesterday, which allows big Wall Street banks to gamble once again with commercially-insured bank deposits, thereby inviting another bailout of the Street, and allows the fattest cats, many of them on the Street, to write checks for more than a million dollars in an election cycle. Other Democrats, including the President, capitulated. There’s no unity in the party. There are two Democratic parties: the party of FDR, LBJ, Ted Kennedy, and Paul Wellstone; and the party of the corporate-financial complex."

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