Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sanders on Obama's sales pitch for the TPP at Nike

The President plans to give a pep talk for the TPP at Nike and Sanders is rightfully furious. Nike is infamous for shipping all those shoe manufacturing jobs to Vietnam and decimating our own workers. And they did it to make even more money, realizing they could get away with paying cents on the dollar to foreign workers with workplace safety laws that are considered criminal in the US. There are also no worker-union representation in Vietnam. So the President wants more of this type of economy with the TPP, using Nike as an example of how such trade deals work? Does he think we're that stupid?

The President is simply paying back the big business pipers for their campaign donations, a corrupt system that the President participated in to get elected. Senator Sanders, meanwhile, has accumulated $3 million in contributions in 4 days. The average donation was $43, and 99.4% were less than $250. This belies the false spin that one must court Wall Street and big business to get the money to run for President. A truly grassroots campaign can raise sufficient money by representing we the people. But we must also quit our bitching that Sanders can't possibly do this for lack of money or any number of other rationalizations. He can if we get off our asses, if we get active in supporting him with both our money and our time. As he says, this is a people's campaign and it's about us. If we want democracy to work than it's up to us to get Sanders elected. If we don't then we'll get what we deserve and it will be no one else's fault.

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