Sunday, February 24, 2019

Feinstein's dinosaur incrementalism

This article explores her recent visit with school kids, explaining to them why the Green New Deal is too radical. This sums it up quite nicely. She's wrong and AOC is right. Our house is on fire. We need urgent action now.

"The irony is that, when Feinstein said she’s been “doing this for thirty years,” she described the precise time period during which we could have acted. James Hansen brought the climate question to widespread attention with his congressional testimony in 1988. If we’d moved thirty years ago, moderate steps of the kind that Feinstein proposes would have been enough to change our trajectory. But that didn’t get done, in large part because oil and gas companies that have successfully gamed our political system didn’t want it to get done. And the legislators didn’t do anywhere near enough to fight them. So now we’re on the precipice. Indeed, we’re over it. The fires that raged in California last fall were the fires of a hell on earth."

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