Monday, February 25, 2019

Kornfield: Dharma and politics

Recently I read a kennilinguist claim that Spirit Rock Meditation Center has become a postmodern social justice warrior (SJW) propaganda machine. As if that's automatically a bad thing.  Here's Jack Kornfield on "Dharma and politics." Decide for yourself if it's a mean SJW position. An excerpt:

"At Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Sylvia Boorstein has taught a class called 'Informed Citizenship as Spiritual Practice,' which encourages people to ask themselves: What can I do as a wisdom holder, as a Bodhisattva, a member of this society to best contribute to the world in these times? It might be registering people to vote, or working politically, or making our vision heard in organizations of power or in the government, speaking up or writing. It might include working with children, or helping to create a business climate of responsibility and integrity, or working internationally, or tending to poverty, racism and injustice locally. Each person has to find specific steps to offer their vision and energy to society, and to empower those around them. If we don’t do this, change won’t happen. The vision will not be fulfilled."

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