Friday, February 15, 2019

Managing planetary collapse

Joe Brewer's article on framing our environmental situation. The above framing acknowledges that we are currently engaged in planetary collapse, yet empowers a select few who have the emotional capacity to engage with constructive work while accepting the dire situation. Hence my little blog is my own attempt to do something about the situation.

"Those select few who 'self-select' into this frame will recognize this logical contradiction. Yet they are also emotionally competent to stay in the tension of holding the paradox long enough to see the way through to the other side. […] only when we are able to accept what we can’t change will we begin this constructive and empowering mode of inquiry. This gets us back to the stages of grieving. The people who have reached a level of healthy acceptance that many kinds of collapse are now inevitable will also gain the (unrecognized) ability to discern what they can do to avoid some of the collapse patterns."

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