Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hartmann defends Biden

Continuing this post, I listened to the last 2 hours of Thom's program today. The issue of Biden immediately setting up a big money fundraiser was brought up a couple of times but Thom ignored it. Instead, he tried to make the case that Biden is a changed man because Dump has made things so horrible. And yet by Biden taking big money he hasn't changed one bit on an issue that Thom has consistently railed against: Big money buying politicians.

Thom also tried to rationalize it away as not engaging in a circular firing squad. But challenging positions and funding is exactly the purpose of a primary. It is not a firing squad but a necessary winnowing out of the good from the not so good candidates to come up with the best possible one to face Dump in the '20 election. Sanders, Warren and others have pledged not to take big money because it corrupts the political process, and Biden continues to engage in the corruption.

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