Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The DNC is rigging the primary again

No surprise, since Bernie fights corporate corruption no matter the Party. From this piece. See the link for more.

"The following is a partial list of ways the Democratic Party has rigged the 2020 presidential primary against Sanders and progressives.

Loyalty Oath: The Democratic Party added a loyalty oath that allows the DNC chair to deny progressives access to the primary ballot if he deems that a candidate has been insufficiently “faithful” to the Party throughout their life.

Closed Primaries: It kept closed primaries that will shut out millions of progressive-leaning independent voters. It maintained early party affiliation deadlines, which will also bar the growing number of independents.

Removing Caucuses: The Democratic Party is slashing the number of states that hold caucuses, which favor progressive candidates with passionate supporters. More than half of Sanders’ state victories in 2016 were in caucus states, 13 out of 23. Six caucus states that Sanders won in 2016 are switching to primaries in 2020: Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, Idaho, Maine and Utah. More could follow as the DNC implements a transition to primaries, which favor establishment candidates.

Legalized Bribery: The party did nothing to remove corporate and billionaire money from the primary or the party, ensuring that Wall Street can continue purchasing its politicians.

Joint Fundraising Agreements: The Party preserved the use of joint fundraising agreements between the DNC and presidential campaigns, which allow establishment candidates to control the Party apparatus throughout the primaries. Hillary Clinton used a joint fundraising agreement with the DNC to take control of the party’s finances, strategy, hiring, and communications, granting her a tremendous advantage over Sanders. She also used it to circumvent campaign finance limits in what Donna Brazile later described as “essentially money laundering.” Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or the leading establishment candidate will avail themselves of such an agreement in 2020.

Superdelegates: The DNC rebuked progressive demands to eliminate superdelegates and moved them to the second round of voting at the nominating convention instead. But because all 30 members of the Rules Committee are establishment loyalists, the DNC reserves the right to force a second ballot at the convention, defeating the purpose of the rules change."

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