Monday, November 11, 2013

Can mindfulness change a corporation?

So asks David Loy here. Therein he writes a letter to a board member of Goldman Sachs, one who promotes meditation for businesses. Following are comments from Loy's preface. See the link for the lengthy letter he wrote, with no response.

"The basic problem, it seems to me, is that one can be well-intentioned and yet play an objectionable role in an economic system that has become unjust and unsustainable – in fact, a challenge to the well-being of all life on this planet. Mr. George is an important figure in the 'mindfulness in business' movement. [...] His position therefore highlights some concerns I have about the role of the 'mindfulness movement,' and also has broad implications for socially engaged Buddhism generally. I’ve written elsewhere about the fact that today the traditional 'three poisons' of greed, aggression, and delusion have become institutionalized as our economic system, militarism, and the media. If so, what does that imply for our engaged Buddhist practice?"

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