Monday, November 25, 2013

Lakoff on the regressive frame war

George Lakoff comments on the NY Times expose of the latest Republican spin machine to defeat Obamacare. He lauds the NYT for bringing this to light but then criticized them for printing an example of such spin on their front page under the guise of a news story. Lakoff breaks down how the regressives frame their values and how media sources like the NYT don't recognize it and thus unknowingly reinforce those frames. It's nothing new from Lakoff but it too need reinforcement to counteract the regressive worldview, which prior to the Obama era was winning the framing wars. Note since the advent of Obama finally taking advice from Lakoff the progressives have been reversing this trend, at least since the 2010 election. That's why the regressives are doubling down with their spin machine and it is repeatedly and often reinforced in their echo chambers. Highly instructive article on how it works and how to counter it with progressive frames.

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