Thursday, November 21, 2013

Senate goes nuclear

Bravo to the US Senate for voting to change the filibuster rules on the President's nominees. Basically the new rule allows an up-or-down vote on Obama's nominations, other than those to the Supreme Court. The old rule or requiring 60 votes just to get an up-or-down vote was ludicrous  and the regressives took full advantage of it to block several nominees from ever even getting a vote on the floor. It's an obstructive tactic and it's now gone. I say alleluia to the end of a useless tool designed only to obstruct the working of  our government over ideology. The people spoke in the last election and chose a majority of Democrats in the Senate so the rules now allow those Senators to vote on nominees. That's all. But that's a lot, since the regressives apparently don't like voting much of any kind.

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