Monday, November 25, 2013

Reich frames a progressive plan

Building on the last post, Robert Reich talks about the progressive values that the regressive game plan avoids at all costs. The most important of which is that Obamacare is about a moral imperative that says as a society the healthier and richer are willing to make small sacrifices to help the more needy among us. And make no mistake, the sacrifices the better off make are small. It exposes the me-first attitude inherent to a regressive value system as so much selfishness and greed. Reich notes progressives have to make this moral argument and admits that the word 'redistribution' isn't popular so instead suggests the frame of "everyone comes out ahead. And everyone does come out ahead in the long term:  Even the best-off will gain from a healthier and more productive workforce, and will save money from preventive care that reduces the number of destitute people using emergency rooms when they become seriously ill."

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