Saturday, November 23, 2013

What US companies think of their overseas workers

So first of all they ship their work overseas where they know they can get cheap labor with little to no safety standards, thereby increasing their profit ratio exponentially. And then when one of the factories they use to make clothing for them (Tazreen factory in Bangladesh) has a fire where more than 1200 workers died and 1800 were injured, they will not spend one penny to help those victims or their families. According to the linked article, while companies in other companies are sending financial aid "neither Walmart, Sears, Children’s Place nor any of the other American companies that were selling goods produced at Tazreen or Rana Plaza have agreed to contribute to the efforts. [...] There’s been a good response from some European brands, but so far none of the U.S. retailers have agreed to pay a single penny for compensation.” Not surprising, since they could give a shit about their American workers either, deliberately keeping them in wage slavery that requires federal assistance just to eat. Think about that next time you get the urge to shop at these sweat shops of literal death and depravity.

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