Sunday, November 17, 2013

Virginia has voter fraud all right

But it's on the side of those who claim there is voter fraud so they must change the voting laws to prevent it. As usual the regressives project what they do onto others, since they are corrupt at worst and just plain unaware of their projections at best. There have been reports that their new voter ID law prevented several thousand Democrat voters from participating in their Constitutional right in the recent election. Given that the polls indicated the Democrat for Governor was up about 10 points before the race, and that he won by only 3 points, seems indicative. But the Attorney General race is yet to be called, given the vote count was very close. So now, in the process of recounting the votes, the sitting Republican Attorney General, who lost the Governor's race, has decided to change the recount rules during a recount! This is unprecedented and corrupt, since the remaining provisional ballots will likely lean heavily in favor of the Democrat. See Rachel Maddow's report below. That this is not making national news is astounding.

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