Friday, February 28, 2014

Facebook's myth of freedom

See this article of FB acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp. FB claims nothing will change in their new acquisitions but it that true? A few excerpts of the general ideas follow, but see the link for details:

"Already, there have been changes to Instagram [...] that bear Facebook’s fingerprints. As the social network snaps up more WhatsApps and Instagrams in its 'unite and conquer' plan to own each facet of our online social lives, it’s likely we’ll find it harder to escape Facebook’s ideas about personal data, good behavior, and privacy.

"That doesn’t mean we’ll stop socializing. But like a boozy dinner party crashed by your company's head of HR, Facebook's overarching presence may mean even more places where we interact according to Facebook's mores -- even when we don't see its blue logo at the top of our screens. [...] Many of us, having been on Facebook the better part of a decade, may be so used to its code of conduct that we’ve forgotten what it looks like and makes us do.

"Facebook likes to argue we can always opt out if we don’t want to live by the rules of its carefully controlled, information-collecting universe. But it also knows from experience there isn’t too much it can do to us and have us leave. [...] Where our friends go is where we stay. And where our friends go is where Facebook, and its ideas, go too."

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