Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What happens when you stand by progressive convictions

See the below from the Daily Kos and consider showing your support for those who stand up to the regressives and defeat them. We must stand strong if this country is to keep moving forward instead of backward, for regressive forces are strong and have a lot of money. Every vote counts, every petition counts, every letter to a representative counts. Please get involved, for when you do we come closer to realizing the dream of a true democracy.

Republicans just caved big time. After months of posturing, John Boehner brought a bill to raise the debt ceiling to the floor of the House, and it passed—with no strings attached.

Sign the petition to Democrats: We win when we stand strong. Don’t cave to Republican obstruction or hostage-taking—ever.

So just as a reminder, here’s what happens when Democrats unite against Republican hostage-taking and obstruction:
  • Government shutdown: Democrats won
  • Debt ceiling crisis: Democrats won
  • Filibuster reform: Democrats won
  • Debt ceiling, part two: Democrats won
There’s a lesson to learn here: Democrats have the facts and public opinion backing them up on virtually every issue that comes before Congress—and when they stand together in the face of Republican hostage-taking and obstruction, they win.

Sign the petition now. Let Democratic leaders know you will keep having their back as long they keep standing strong.

Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers, Daily Kos

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