Monday, February 17, 2014

The TPP's revolving door corruption

See this story. The more that is uncovered about this deal the more it reeks of corruption. Two Obama administration officials involved in negotiations used to work for big banks and received outrageous bonuses to specifically take government jobs like this. No, the banks didn't pay these folks off to take these jobs because they believe in public service. It's obvious they paid these 'retirement' bonuses to directly influence the outcome of the deal to benefit the multinational corps involved. Given that released TPP documents show that corps in this deal can take governments to a tribunal for damages if said governments interfere in their profits, even if those profits violate environmental or other laws, I'd say the above claim is well substantiated. And these TPP negotiators being paid multimillion dollar payoffs to effect such corruption is further proof that the deal is rotten to the core. Seriously Mr. President, is this the way you redress our cultural inequality by perpetuating it?

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