Monday, February 3, 2014

Krugman on regressive Obamacare lies

As usual he counters lies with truth. Cathy McMorris Rodgers' regressive response to the SOTU picked one example of how Obamacare premiums increased by $700 when Betty in Spokane's old policy had to be cancelled because it didn't meet the new requirements. Of course a little fact checking revealed that Betty didn't even get a quote on the Obamacare site, since she refused to go there. And why refuse to even look? Because she believes the regressive lies about it. So what are the facts about Obamacare?

The facts are that about 3 million have already signed up and that by the 3/31/14 deadline at least 6 million will have done so, if not the entire projected 7 million. The insurance companies are not projecting just a bad risk poor or increase premiums. And many that sign up will get way better coverage than they had before. Obamacare is succeeding and will only continue to do so, a fact regressives just cannot bear. But then they never were much good at accepting facts. But they are really good at lying, and they're still at it. Who pays? The American people, but again, that's their agenda, to make the lowest among us pay to further enrich the 1%.

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