Saturday, February 22, 2014

Petition against AZ anti-gay law

Recall this post on nationwide anti-gay legislation. Now see the following from the Daily Kos:

Sign our petition to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer—urging her to veto the anti-gay “okay-to-discriminate” bill. Click here to sign.

The Arizona legislature has passed a bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT customers—or any other customers who they claim it would be against their religion to serve.

Gov. Jan Brewer only has until Tuesday to sign or veto the bill. Click here to urge her to veto.

Brewer has not taken a position yet, despite having vetoed an earlier version last year. But she is under increasing pressure from national right-wing groups, who have been pushing such discriminatory laws in state legislatures across the country.

Arizona already passed an anti-immigrant law. Don’t let them pass an anti-gay law as well.

Sign our petition urging Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to say “no” to discrimination and veto SB 1062—the “turn the gays away” bill.

Keep fighting,
Paul Hogarth, Daily Kos

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