Friday, February 14, 2014

The media blackout on the TPP

See this article. There is enormous opposition arising against fast track for the TPP. And yet the news about it is largely silent. Media matters looked at major media outlets over the last 6 months and "ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS—have ignored the TPP almost completely." Only The Ed Show on MSNBC gives it attention on at least a semi-regular basis, but what about the other shows on that station? Not so much. Why?

Even MSNBC, which is supposed to be a 'liberal' network, is hardly so. Ed was their number 1 attraction at the 8pm slot opposite O'Reilly, his success largely due to his blatant and aggressive progressive stance. So what does the network do? Move him to the weekends to diffuse his rhetoric. Then they take him back to weekdays, but at a time difficult for many to watch given their work schedules. If effect they want to mute his effect because even MSNBC is part of the corpoartocracy that wants business deals like the TPP. Hence all the other hosts are afraid to even broach the topic lest they be moved to ratings-hell time slots. Or fired, like their former number 1 host, Olbermann.

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