Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We the people can and do make a difference if we but engage

I'm enclosing excerpts of Senator Sanders blast email below, showing how if we get involved we can overcome the powerful forces of big money and bought legislators. This is what the latter do not want you to know, for they want you to feel helpless. Then they can continue their plutocracy unimpeded. We can and must continue to participate to retain our democracy, for rest assured the plutocrats want no part of that.

In discussing Obama's removal of chained CPI from his budget Sander said:

"How did we win this victory? Our strategy was simple. We did it the old fashioned way by educating and organizing. [...] Perhaps most importantly, however, was the role played by grass-roots organizations. A massive coalition representing millions of Americans came together including senior groups, unions, veterans’ organizations, women's groups, civil rights groups, disability organizations and others. Petitions were signed, calls to Congress were made, emails were sent and demonstrations and rallies were held. In essence, grass-roots America made an offer that members of Congress could not afford to refuse. We told them we knew what was going on and there would be a political price to pay if they ignored us. And they didn't.

"The political lesson to be learned here is pretty simple. If people stand together, and are prepared to build strong grass-roots coalitions, there is very little that cannot be accomplished. Last week, we won a major victory in preventing large cuts which would have caused devastating financial problems for some of the most vulnerable people in our country."

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