Sunday, February 16, 2014


Balder provided an extended quote from Divine Multiplicity here. My short comments follow.

A few points on this quote. There's a lot of en-and un- folding going on. Also an emphasis on interactive prepositions: across, between, beyond. All reminiscent of the fold thread, which weaves in some of these theologians and ideas.

These folks do not seek another, better religion. Same for a better supertheory. Both of which presume that reality can be "reduced to only one kind of experience and understanding." Polydoxy instead refutes an "absolute context" while also acknowledging "there are no absolutely separated contexts either."

I also appreciate the relation of polydoxy to the co-origination of nirvana and samsara, as I too have spent volumes on the topic. And how this relates to the difference between metaphysical and postmetaphysical Buddhism.

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