Saturday, February 8, 2014

Government by the People Act

From Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:

In 2012 election cycle, Wall Street spent more than $200 million to influence elections. And, because of Citizens United, it's only going to get worse. 

The surge of corporate cash into our political system not only undermines our democracy -- it also prevents desperately needed reforms to address the growing income inequality that threatens the American dream. 
That's why Democracy for America is proud to join House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Rep. John Sarbanes, the Progressive Campaign Change Committee, and a coalition of progressive organizations in the fight to take back our democracy by supporting the recently introduced Government By The People Act!

This new bill in Congress will help reverse the impact of Citizens United and end the legalized bribery that undermines the democratic process.

The Government By The People Act is already sponsored by over 130 Representatives -- now, we need to pressure the rest of Congress to endorse this bill by showing massive public support.

Click here to join DFA and the PCCC in signing on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Government By The People Act.
The bill will match small-dollar donations with public funds, turning a $25 contribution into $175 -- or $100 into $700. This will incentivize candidates to pay attention to everyday voters, not big-money donors.

Progressive organizations have been preparing for this bill for the last few months -- helping to craft it, organizing support among our allies, and building a grassroots army ready to make calls and attend events to pass reform.

Over 40 progressive, labor, and good government organizations have endorsed this bill -- including the Sierra Club and the NAACP.

Can you add your support? Click here to sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Government By The People Act.

It is important for all of us to stand together to support this critical legislation and send a strong message to Congress that we will no longer allow our democracy to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the 1%.

Thank you for all that you do.

Max Stahl
Campaign Organizer, Democracy for America

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