Saturday, February 15, 2014

Maher on the Comcast/Time Warner merger

On his show last night he notes that these are the number 1 and 2 cable and internet providers in the country. With the merger they will be the only provider in 19 of the 20 largest US cities. And they are the lowest rated providers for service while having the highest rates. And Comcast has already admitted that prices will not only not be lowered but will continue to rise at the rate they have been. One can presume the service will suck just as bad if not get worse. All of which will continue to widen the gap of income inequality because the lower economic classes will not be able to afford internet service, which is critical in today's world for being able to express your opinions and engage in electronic petitions, etc.

One of the panelists said this deal will go through if we the people do not speak out against it. See this prior post on the petition to stop it. Take action now before you can no longer afford internet service. And/or your internet provider, given the court over ruling net neutrality, decides to slow down or even block your ability to access sites and information so that you can engage politically via the net. Yes, it is this serious and it is not hyperbole. Remember when Time/Warner couldn't extort outrageous rates from CBS and then cut off their programming? That is only the beginning the more consolidation we get in this business.

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