Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Krystal Ball on Hillary Clinton's presidential bid

In the video below Ball pleads with Clinton to not run for President.While she deeply respects Clinton she feels the time is ripe for a people's candidate like Elizabeth Warren. Clinton sat on the Board of Walmart for several years, and recently gave two highly paid speeches to Goldman Sachs, telling them that they were being "unfairly persecuted." In a time of unparalleled inequality since the great depression, with the banks and top 1% reaping all the benefits of the economy, and with her husband largely responsible for the deregulation that created it, do we really want more of that? Ball says what most of us progressives are thinking: It's Warren we really want, and who is perfect for this time and place, who will restore the kind of America that works for everyone, not just the plutocrats. While Ball thinks Clinton running would eliminate Warren from entering the race, I think Warren could and will actually defeat Clinton in the Democrat primary, should it come to that.

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