Friday, February 21, 2014

MSNBC muzzles its hosts on Comcast merger

Recall this prior post on how there's a media blackout on the TPP, even at MSNBC. The same thing is happening now over the proposed Comcast merger with Time Warner. In this article it is noted that Writers Guild of America is petitioning the hosts of MSNBC shows to speak out against the merger, because to date none of them have. Not even Ed Schultz. It so happens that Comcast is the parent company of NBC Universal, so that explains a lot.

Previously workers petitioned NBC Universal over union busting, and the merger would only increase that likelihood. So MSNBC is not liberal; it lets liberals have their shows but limits what topics they can discuss. And the TPP and mergers like this are not allowed if these folks want to keep their jobs. Which is one of the main points of stopping the merger, for when media companies get so large they will control what you get to hear and even know about. It seems this is the strategy of Comcast's NBC Universal and MSNBC, as its admittedly liberals hosts just cannot inform the public on certain topics, let alone speak out against them.

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