Monday, July 9, 2012

Batchelor on consciousness

For any interested, Dharma Seed has a collection of Batchelor's talks. The most recent is as follows:
2012-04-09 The Phenomenology of Meditation (Part Two) 62:09

"Reflections on 'an ordinary person's life,' as understood in a passage by the 9th century Chan master Teshan. This idea is related to the Buddha's phenomenological analysis of human experience (the 'all') into namarupa and consciousness, a vision of life where there is no transcendent awareness or consciousness 'outside' ordinary experience, thereby revealing a common thread between the Pali Canon and early Chan."

Around 28:00 or so he talks about The Witness, and that it arose via the ego! (29:30). Something I've claimed for years. See the Batchelor thread and its predecessor thread.

Some more gems for me:

"There is no permanent awareness apart from experience" (32:00).

"Consciousness is reckoned by the particular conditions dependent on which it arises" (32:55).
"To harness mortal and immortal with one yoke and think they can agree and interact is but a joke"   (34:25).

Quoting Satre: “Existence precedes essence” (43:00).

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