Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jon Stewart on Romney's deliberate misrepresentation

Here's more on the story previously posted. Stewart notes that Romney and regressives generally have taken Obama's "you didn't build that" quote out of context, portraying him as anti-business and some sort of Marxist socialist (if only). And yet Romney said 4 days later almost the identical things Obama said that were cut out of the clip. Romney obviously has listened to the quote in context and knows that he is agreeing with Obama, but deliberately took that one sentence out of context and portrays Obama as something he is not. Here we have the kind of family and/or Christian value system of Romney and the regressives: lie, cheat and steal to support your own kind.

Again they are playing on the lowest common denominators, fear and loathing, to manipulate votes in highly ethnocentric (angry white fe/male) populations. I said earlier that progressives must also learn to effectively frame issues like the regressives, at least in terms of the logistics of spin. But progressives must maintain their ethical standards and appeal to our higher angels like compassion and care, things particular to a more inclusive and evolved worldcentric value system. Which is exactly what Obama did in context, and his campaign slogan is "Forward." Regressives "want their country back," as in going backward. The choice really is that simple.

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