Monday, July 23, 2012

Chomsky on the degradation of human rights

Chomsky's blog post here focuses on how the Magna Carta has been opposed and degraded from inception, with current trends virtually eliminating its intent. He covers quite a bit of ground so please see his post. Here I want to focus on how in the US this has been accomplished through media manipulation.

With the advent of industrialization the New Spirit of the Age emerged, which accurately translated by Chomsky is as follows: "Gain Wealth forgetting all but Self." This spirit had to be inculcated into the masses so as to control them through "fabricating wants to the superficial things of life, like fashionable consumption. That way people can be atomized, separated from one another, seeking personal gain alone, diverted from dangerous efforts to think for themselves and challenge authority."

The "manufacture of consent" was intentional and deliberate via a highly sophisticated public relations and advertising campaign, all designed to keep the ignorant public from focusing on the real issues behind the devastation to labor and environment behind industrialization. In no way, shape or form did the captains of industry want the general public participating in democracy. In fact they didn't even want democracy and preferred the aristocratic feudal system, but given the likes of that insidious Magna Carta had to make due with propaganda to divert attention to the real reigns of power.

The problem now is that that spirit of the age has virtually raped and pillaged our economy to the point that the middle class can no longer afford the shiny beads and baubles to distract them from those who control industry and our minds through the American Dream of buying a bunch of superficial shit. So we now turn to the Internet to find out just what went wrong, who is responsible, and what we can do about it. Naturally the Internet is under attack because it provides invaluable information and resources to educate and organize the masses. Thus the repeated attacks to limit it to only industry-government approved sites and information. They rightfully fear the masses so mobilized that we actually take back our government and our commons and rule through actual democracy.

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