Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Colbert on regressive de-education

Recall this post on plantation American, and how regressives want to de-educate the populace to disempower them. Stephen Colbert highlighted this issue in his usual, inimitable style. He notes the youth don't share regressive values like gay bashing and belief in God, all due to that bane of society, education. So how do we get them to return to regressive values? Simple, destroy education. Colbert: "The minds of our young people are being poisoned by knowledge, and the source of this toxic cerebral sludge is our schools." Texas, no surprise, is on the vanguard of countering this nefarious influence. Their Board of Education (oxymoron) is bad enough but now their GOP has a 2012 party platform plank that says on education: "We oppose the teaching of...critical thinking skills." Colbert blames the advent of critical thinking on Galileo, who changed everything when he discovered the earth goes around the sun "and now we have lesbians."

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