Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Regressives filibuster the Disclose Act

I've decided to quit calling them conservatives and use their real name, regressives, since their aim is to take us back to a time when robber barons ruled the day. The thing is, that day is here and now. Anyway... once again they showed their true stripes by filibustering the Disclose Act in the Senate, which would have required that those making more than $10,000 contributions to political ads have their names revealed. The actual vote count was 51-44 and the act "won," but with the current bullshit Senate rules unless it gets 60 votes then it can be, and was, filibustered.

The equally bullshit regressive excuse for transparency is that it would open donors to harassment and intimidation, and that it stifles free speech. Are you fucking kidding me? These rich donors are afraid of taking responsibility for their opinions, for basically buying their own free speech with Citizens United? They are afraid of handling what happens in democracy, that one has to defend their political positions with facts and reason? This excuse is laughable and absurd, another example of how regressives want to stack the deck in their favor with no responsibility whatsoever.

Recall, in fact, that the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United favored disclosure by an 8-1 vote. On top of this note that regressives like McConnell said as recently as 2010 that disclosure was necessary. Given that the regressive campaign is being funded by 17 very rich, angry white guys we can see why they've changed their tune. And who is really running the regressive party.

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