Friday, July 27, 2012

Romney prostitutes to LIBOR criminals

No, this is not hyperbole. Thom Hartmann reports on Romney's fund-raising trip to the financial district of London. The LIBOR scandal could very well be the worse financial crime ever. And at the heart of it so far in Barclays Bank. They and likely other banks in LIBOR conspired to rig interest rates for their own profit in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. Meanwhile this hurt individuals, businesses and entire municipalities. The US Department of Justice in investigating and preparing criminal charges against more banks. Barclays has already paid $450 million in fines, so they are not just accused but are already paying for criminal activity (see, no hyperbole).

So where does Romney go to raise campaign contributions? Right to Barclays in London. Barclays lobbyist Patrick Durkein is one of the co-chairs on these fund-raisers. Barclays has so far contributed more than $1 million to his campaign. Eleven members of the British Parliament have asked that Barclays cease and desist with the contributions during the ongoing investigation into their criminal activity. Of course the bank is expecting something for their money, like any good prostitute's John. And they'll get serviced all right, since Romney has already promised to repeal Dodd Frank regulations and thereby make the kind of crimes committed legal. Plus no doubt he'll be highly instrumental in letting them off with slaps on the wrist and criminal immunity, much like the US banks to date on the criminal '08 crash. Again, no hyperbole.

Go to to fight back against Citizens United and this corrupt and criminal system.

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