Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Colbert on the firewalk

 Last night Stephen Colbert mocked Tony Robbins and the recent firewalk that injured several people. Colbert advises though to not buy the regular $600 admission but to go for the $2600 diamond premier package, which includes seating in the front second and lunch on Friday and Saturday. "That $1000 tuna sandwich is a wake-up call to human potential." On the burns participants recently received, he said: "Anyone can get 1st degree burns. But with Tony Robbins you will achieve 3rd degree burns. And who knows, with one more $2600 seminar you might break through to 5th degree burns."

Colbert praises Robbins for creating the motivation for people to open to heretofore unimagined worlds: "Handicapped spaces, wheel-chair ramps, ointment, all yours." Colbert is so motivated from this to start his own motivation seminar, "Roll in a pit of broken glass." He'll even throw in some of his trademarked power mantras: "Why is there so much blood?" "I can see grandpa at the end of the tunnel."

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