Friday, September 27, 2013

Bill Maher on California's progressive model

See Maher's new rule on CA. All of those socialist commie things regressive hate are working in CA, so they of course must hate them more. Especially since CA has been the bellwether for how the US will go. Some examples of what's working there include gun control, immigration reform, universal healthcare via successful implementation of Obamacare, higher taxes on the rich, gay marriage, medical marijuana, a budget surplus from not only cutting spending but raising taxes, abortion rights and good government for the public good.

And businesses flock to CA because of all this, counter to the regressive lie that business avoids such states. And this despite a minimum wage that is $3 per hour higher than the national rate. CA is going green much faster than the rest of the nation. In 10 years nearly a third of their energy will come from renewable sources and 15% of their cars will be electric. Yes, one can see why regressives hate CA, for they see their own future and it defies everything they've been led to believe. Progress marches on though, and if you don't get with the program you'll be left in the dustbin of history. Which is soon to be the fate of the Republican party and good riddance to that regressive and fetid backwater.

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