Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bill Moyers on the end of democracy

Wow, Moyers starkly and cleary lays it out in this article. Can anyone honestly say this isn't accurate? Some excerpts:

"The predators in Washington are only this far from monopoly control of our government. They have bought the political system, lock, stock and pork barrel, making change from within impossible. [...] They fix the system so multimillionaire hedge fund managers and private equity tycoons pay less of a tax rate on their income than school teachers, police and fire fighters, secretaries and janitors. They give subsidies to rich corporate farms and cut food stamps for working people facing hunger. They remove oversight of the wall street casinos, bail out the bankers who torpedo the economy, fight the modest reforms of Dodd-Frank, prolong tax havens for multinationals, and stick it to consumers while rewarding corporations.

"We pay. We pay at the grocery store. We pay at the gas pump. We pay the taxes they write off. Our low-wage workers pay with sweat and deprivation because this town -- aloof, self-obsessed, bought off and doing very well, thank you - feels no pain. The journalists who could tell us these things rarely do -- and some, never. They aren't blind, simply bedazzled. Watch the evening news -- any evening news -- or the Sunday talk shows. Listen to the chit-chat of the early risers on morning TV -- and ask yourself if you are learning anything about how this town actually works. [...] Perhaps they don't ask these questions because they fear banishment from the parties and perks, from the access that passes as seduction in this town."

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