Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jon Stewart on regressive response to Syria

In this video Stewart first points out that the idea of Syria surrendering its chemical arsenal to international authorities came from an off-the-cuff and cynical response from US Secretary of State Kerry, when asked what Syria could do to avert a military strike. Kerry completed that sarcastic statement with "it can't be done." Lo and behold Russia picks up on the wise crack, takes it seriously, then offers it as its own idea and Syria agrees to it! So here we have a situation that averts violence and achieves the effect of what the US wanted, which is to prevent Syria from using chemical weapons again. You'd think that was a win-win for everyone.

But then you'd be rational and we know regressives are not that. Their response to this proposal? The US has been humiliated and Russia has been strengthened. WTF? Stewart thinks the only defeat here is to rational forethought. He said: "Who cares how we avoided a war and got a dictator to give up his chemical weapons if we avoided a war and got a dictator to give up his chemical weapons." See the clip for his further scathing comments on regressive media.

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