Wednesday, September 18, 2013

House Committee on climage change

The following is from Organizing for Action:

The House holds a hearing on climate change.

Today, climate change is actually on the agenda for a House committee. I'd hold off on celebrating.
Of the 17 members of the committee's majority, 13 are documented climate change deniers -- so you can probably guess how this hearing is going to turn out. But the mere fact that they're holding it is a sign that the pressure we're putting on congressional climate change deniers is working -- it's time to pile on. Will you mark this occasion by calling out this House committee's climate change deniers?

After a year of refusing to hold a hearing on climate change, we're finally seeing action. They say they want to know exactly what President Obama's administration is doing to fight climate change. The President announced his plan to the American people three months ago, but to refresh their memories, here are the basics:
    -- Create the first ever EPA limits on carbon pollution from dirty power plants
    -- Double production of clean energy in the United States by 2020
    -- Prepare the U.S. for the impacts of climate change
    -- Lead the international community to tackle the global threat of climate change

 The reality is the 139 climate change deniers in Congress are hoping to take the spotlight off of themselves -- because, as it turns out, they don't like the attention after all. A whopping 97 percent of scientists still agree on the science of climate change -- and today's hearing is the perfect time to remind everyone you know that too many in Congress still refuse to accept it. 

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