Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What middle class?

Ministry of Truth posted this on the Daily Kos. Amen brother! A few excerpts follow but go read his superb sermon on the nonexistent middle class. Alleluia and glory be unto man.

"You can't tell me there is a middle if 4/5ths of us are almost poor. How can their be a middle when 80% of Americans are poor or will be poor at some point in the future. If we are all poor or near poor than poor is the new middle. There is a 'working class' and the wealthy, that is it. The middle class is DEAD. And everyone, specifically Democrats, need to stop pretending otherwise.

"In High School Econ 101 we were taught that there are poor people and working poor people. Working poor people have jobs but are still poor. If we are to cling to the notion of a mythical middle than we must admit that working poor IS the new middle class, and that means there IS no middle class because you are still fucking poor.

"So we can lie to ourselves and pretend that there is a middle class in America, but there isn't. If you are working and still struggling you are not middle class, you are working poor, and by clinging to a dead phrase like "middle" we dismiss and excuse all of those poor people who used to be middle class but got left behind by decades of stagnant wages, rising costs of living and the vast disparity between the growth of the wealth of the super rich compared to everybody else. If you are in debt up to your eyeballs you are not middle class, some one owns you through your debt. If you work and still are constantly broke you are not middle class and you are being kept poor on purpose because how else can they get you to go into debt in the first place?"

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