Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jim Wallis on food stamp cuts

See his article here, which was posted before the House vote that occurred later in the day and they indeed cut $40 billion from the program over 10 years. As Wallis attests, 72% of those in the program are working and have children. They are not the lazy slackers getting over on the system as regressives portray. They just don't make enough money to properly feed their family working at the likes of Walmart, which keeps them in poverty despite working full-time. And food stamps are anything but living high on the hog, as it provides about $1.50 per meal per person.

Sure, there are a few scammers that abuse the system, but is that any reason to cut benefits for the 4 million other needy people in 2014? And an another 3 million each year for the next decade? It's the same false rationalization behind voter suppresion under the guise of fraud, when there are relatively few cases each year, less than a fraction of 1%. And yet they are willing to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands over that? It's bad enough they don't want these folks to vote but now they want them to starve to death too? Sick fucks, really.

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