Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bruce Bartlett: Fox News is destroying the Republican Party

Following up on the last post, Bruce Bartlett has been a staunch Republican, serving in Reagan's and Bush Senior's administrations. He wrote an extensive and detailed paper on how Fox News is destroying the Republican Party with its propaganda. Therein he notes several studies showing how badly Fox viewers are misinformed, how they peddle propaganda, and how it has strongly and adversely affected his Party. He concludes:
"Fox is part of a conservative universe in which many conservatives now live, getting all of their information from conservatives sources – Fox News, talk radio, conservative publications and web sites.This is often called a “bubble” or “echo chamber” that reinforces marginally held views until they become doctrinaire and imposes false views on those exposed to no other viewpoint. In effect, conservatives engage in selfbrainwashing, where certain ideas are repeated so often and with no contrary or alternative point of view that it fulfills the classic definition of brainwashing."

Also watch last night's X-Files, which also has the theme of propaganda and brainwashing. It gets really funny about halfway through.

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