Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I saw this in Levi Bryant's FB feed and he commented: "Folds." I see it as the emerging Neo-Commons meme and the waning of the Enlightened Self Interest meme in all domains.

thresholds: a digital journal for criticism in the spaces between

"To read and to write is to become entangled; to allow oneself to be snagged upon or enmeshed amidst a profusion of other texts and ideas. Born of these twin entanglements, criticism is necessarily an act of collaboration between an author and a churning mass of other things."

"On the left side of the screen, we publish short scholarly essays that adhere to the current issue's theme. On the right side of the screen, we publish the various text fragments, images, audio, and video clips that inspired the author and propelled the corresponding work. Unlike a footnote or endnote, these fragments are not explicitly harnessed to the essay's main body; they do not rustle the reader toward a specific interpretative conclusion. Instead, they are open invitations for the reader to enter the essay from oblique and unforeseen angles. Moving back and forth across the central threshold, the reader enters into a set of generative traversals that model criticism as a restless and unruly set of practices that exist in the spaces between readers, writers, and texts."

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