Monday, February 22, 2016

William Thompson on the Clintons

From this FB post:

"The Clintons destroyed the liberal-progressive wing of the Democratic party, introduced bank deregulation and the gang of Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner et alia. The Clintons are not Democrats but what used to be called Rockefeller Republicans--as opposed to the Sun Belt Right wing nuts first spearheaded by Goldwater as a challenge to Nelson Rockefeller and the East Coast elite. Bernie is just restoring the normal balance and constituency of the Left as a counter weight to the ruling One Percent that the Clintons serve. The Clintons are millionaires and part of the Davos Conference global economic elite, so Hillary's lies about taking on Wall Street ring hollow. She is just too slick, but Bernie is more of a passionate and compassionate Old Leftie."

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