Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Democratic establishment electability gamble

Greenwald is right in this article. The Dem establishment keep saying Clinton is the electable one in a general election but all the evidence points to the contrary. In several polls Sanders does way better than Clinton against all GOP candidates, and in some Clinton is losing to Cruz. Her lead on Trump is negligible while Sanders is not. In terms of popularity, "the more the public gets to see of both candidates, the more popular Sanders becomes, and the more unpopular Clinton becomes." 

"Despite this mountain of data, the pundit consensus – which has been wrong about essentially everything – is that Hillary Clinton is electable and Bernie Sanders is not. There’s virtually no data to support this assertion. All of the relevant data compels the opposite conclusion. [...] Given the lurking possibility of a Trump presidency, is now really the time to gamble on such a risky General Election candidate as Hillary Clinton?"

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