Sunday, February 19, 2017

GOP healthcare plan: crawl in a hole and die

Typical, I know. The NYT article details their plan, which also contains a link to the GOP outline. While it does expand the number of people that need help it also cuts funding for States providing Medicaid. It also changes Obamacare tax credits by giving everyone a flat fee based on age regardless of income. That means an older billionaire would get more than a poor young person. Also if anyone could not afford to pay the gap if their healthcare costs more than their tax credit, too bad: Crawl in a hole and die. See the article for much more.

Also see this article, which confirms that fewer low-income people under Medicaid will have coverage. And Medicaid coverage would be capped at a certain cost, unlike it being unlimited now, because States will get a certain limited amount of Fed $. So again, after your costs exceed your limit: Crawl in a hole and die.

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