Monday, February 20, 2017

Liberals need spirituality to reach everyone

Following up on the last post, I especially liked these Fox quotes, something the Ning and Facebook integral postmetaphysical spirituality forums are seeking to remedy:

"The left in America tends to be so secular, in the sense of anti-religious, and I think it's a big mistake, you know? Because, look at the red and blue states. The red states ar
e kind of into religion, so we should be confronting bad, and hypocritical Christianity. [...] I think it's time for us to really get proactive, with the hypocrisy of all these so-called Christian politicians who are running things. And so, I think the left is really dumb, if it thinks that you can change America without addressing religious concerns."

"There's good religion and bad religion, and Pope Francis represents traditions of justice, which is the prophetic tradition of Judaism, and really the healthy tradition in Islam, and the rest. [...] So this, I really think is one of the left's biggest mistakes in American, is thinking that you can change people without a sense of spirituality. And what it does, it leaves open the whole arena, to the crackpot Christians."

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